Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Featuring Sarah

 Spiked Skully: D.I.Y
Deconstructed Moto Jacket: Maison Martin Marigela 
Disco Pants: American Apparel 
Ruffle Socks: Topshop 
Spiked Creepers: Demonia (D.I.Y spikes)

 Hat: Thrift 
Chiffon Button Up: American Apparel
Bandeau: American Apparel 
Boots: Jeffery Campbell Coltrane

Leather Fringe Jacket: Topshop 
American Flag Bandeau: D.I.Y
Petticoat: American Apparel 
Spiked Creepers: Demonia (D.I.Y spikes)

What inspires your style?
Sarah: As cliché as this may sound, almost anything within my surroundings can inspire me. From the everyday nonchalant streetwalkers who effortlessly puts on an ensemble purchased from local thrift shops, to the fashion leaders of the world who's wardrobe reeks of luxury and exclusivity  to even the one of a kind paintings from the Baroque period to the tacky graffiti in the icky alleys within the city. Each form of expression from any individual inspires me. However, I've realized the greatest source of inspiration comes from within because no one can wow you as much as you can wow yourself.  

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Sarah: As much as I hate the rise of fast fashion in retail, there are a few stores that never fail to disappoint me. I absolutely love shopping at Patricia Fields, OAK, Topshop, American Apparel, and we cant ever go wrong with the fav thrifts and consignment shops such as Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange.

When did you start taking interest in fashion?
Sarah: I've always had the creative juices flowing in my body growing up, but my keen interest in fashion blossomed within my high school years. Being creative gave me an adrenalin rush. I was in the years where I could finally take on my own choices and I ran with the fashion aspect of the world. Leaving high school I realized that I only knew the smallest aspect of this world which was the glamour resulted from a whole lifestyle of creativity and I knew I wanted to continue my education and lifestyle focusing on this industry that made my world go round.

Do you agree with the famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent, "Fashion fades styles eternal"? Why or why not?
Sarah: Amen and Hallejuah to that statement. Many people are oblivious to difference between fashion and style. One word symbolizes a whole creative world and the other one symbolizes ones self creative world. Fashion is evolutionary, constantly changing around us. Style is revolutionary, its yours, no one can own but you, it is your exclusive brand and it cannot be taken away or changed by anyone. Style is yours forever.

Who is your favorite designer or brand? Why?
Sarah: My favorite designers are the two lovely males who executes a brilliant collection each and every season under the name, Proenza Schouler. I am obsessed with their minimalistic approach to create pieces that classic, sexy, and luxurious. Many may say their collections lack color, but I feel as though their creativity is expressed loudly in their design aesthetics blessing our eyes with all types of geometric shapes and silhouettes that compliments the women's body so well. I love them!

What is your favorite fashion quote?
Sarah: "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." -Coco Chanel
What is one thing about your style that no one knows?
No one knows that they play a part in the choices I make when styling myself. Literally everyone sends me a secret unknown message that helps me figure out what is innovative and creative to even what is a definite fashion police alert and unacceptable.

Sarah has such a unique idgaf what people think style. I love how daring she is with her pieces and how she makes them her own. Check out more of her fab style on ig @hauteharas

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